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Analysing Farage on Ukraine | IEA Podcast

In this episode of the IEA Podcast, host Tom Clougherty and Matthew Lesh are joined by Daniel Freeman to discuss three timely and controversial topics. They begin by examining Nigel Farage's recent comments on Ukraine and NATO expansion, exploring the nuances of the situation and how it's perceived differently in the UK versus the US.

The conversation then shifts to the potential implementation of road pricing in the UK, weighing its economic benefits against political challenges. Finally, the panel dives into a discussion on whether neoliberalism leads to populism, inspired by a recent Financial Times article. They examine the rise of populist movements across Europe and consider alternative explanations for this political trend. Throughout the episode, the hosts and guest offer insightful analysis and challenge conventional wisdom, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of these complex issues from a classical liberal perspective.

Our goal is to bring you a public affairs podcast with a difference. We want to get beyond the headlines and the shallow political commentary you'll get elsewhere and focus instead on the big ideas and foundational principles that classical liberals should care about.

IEA Podcast
The Institute of Economic Affairs podcast examines some of the pressing issues of our time. Featuring some of the top minds in Westminster and beyond, the IEA podcast brings you weekly commentary, analysis, and debates.