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UK Election: What's Next for British Politics? | IEA Podcast

In this episode of the IEA Podcast, host Tom Clougherty and co-host Matthew Lesh are joined by Dr. Michael Turner, a pollster, strategist, and fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, to dissect the recent UK General Election results. The conversation delves into Labour's victory, exploring the nuances behind their substantial majority and the implications for their policy agenda. The panel examines the challenges facing Keir Starmer's leadership and the potential obstacles in implementing promised reforms.

The discussion also turns to the Conservative Party's defeat, analysing the factors contributing to their loss and the party's future direction. The rise of Reform UK and its impact on the political landscape is explored, along with the changing dynamics of voter behaviour and party loyalty. This episode offers a comprehensive look at the election's outcomes, the shifting political geography in the UK, and the potential consequences for policy-making in the coming years.

Our goal is to bring you a public affairs podcast with a difference. We want to get beyond the headlines and the shallow political commentary you'll get elsewhere and focus instead on the big ideas and foundational principles that classical liberals should care about.

IEA Podcast
The Institute of Economic Affairs podcast examines some of the pressing issues of our time. Featuring some of the top minds in Westminster and beyond, the IEA podcast brings you weekly commentary, analysis, and debates.