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Prohibition 2.0: The Future of UK Tobacco Policy

Prohibition 2.0: The Future of UK Tobacco Policy

In October, Rishi Sunak announced plans to introduce a generational ban on tobacco sales which will forbid anyone born after 2008 from ever buying cigarettes, loose tobacco, heated tobacco, shisha and cigarette papers.

Where does this leave smokers today and in the future? Is the government opening a new front in the war on drugs and what are the implications for crime, tax and personal liberty?

This panel, hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs, discussed the government’s plans to implement the Tobacco and Vapes Bill.


Reem Ibrahim - IEA Communications Officer and Linda Whetstone Scholar (Chair)

Craig Whittaker MP - Member of Parliament for Calder Valley

Christopher Snowdon - IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics

Mark Oates - Director of WeVapeUK

Paul North - Director of Volteface

Prohibition 2.0: Critiquing the Generational Tobacco Ban:

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