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Election 2024: Unpacking Party Manifestos | IEA Podcast

In this new and improved episode of the IEA Podcast, hosts Tom Clougherty and Matthew Lesh are joined by Kristian Niemietz, IEA Editorial Director, to dissect the recently released party manifestos for the upcoming general election.

Our goal is to bring you a public affairs podcast with a difference. We want to get beyond the headlines and the shallow political commentary you'll get elsewhere and focus instead on the big ideas and foundational principles that classical liberals should care about.

The team delves into the parties' approaches to tax and spend, planning systems, the National Health Service, and regulation in general. They critically examine the similarities and differences between the major parties' proposals, highlighting the lack of substantial new ideas and the risk-averse nature of most manifestos.

The discussion reveals the challenges in implementing meaningful change, particularly in areas like housing reform and NHS improvements. The hosts explore the potential impact of regulatory proposals that often go unscrutinised compared to tax and spend plans. They also touch on the Reform Party's unique healthcare proposals and the broader implications of manifesto promises for the UK's economic future. 0

Institute of Economic Affairs